About us

A Decade of Excellence

Jodi Clickers initially started in 2012 after Abhishek Behani started falling in love with the idea of curated wedding photography and films. However, the story behind this had started some time ago, when both Abhishek and Sujay were completing their MBA and pursuing photos as a way of documenting everyday life around them.
As dreams became a passion, fast forward to 10 years later, and Jodi Clickers has been a part of more than 400 weddings, both in India and multiple countries across the globe. Having opened up our London office in 2019, team JC strives to find the perfect nuance for our photos and films, always striving to create something unique, and learning from experiences both in our India and London setups. Our core team has years of experience in capturing weddings and it reflects in their hands-on approach to creatively weaving a couple's story on their big day.


Every Pixel Tells a Story

Starting from our very first wedding in Mumbai to creating award-winning wedding films and photos across the globe, team JC's journey till now has been nothing short of exciting and vibrant. From being rated as the Best Photo & Video team (combined) at the Wedding Expert Awards for three consecutive years almost a decade ago (2014-2016) to being multiple winners of the prestigious WOW, Wedding Sutra and GIWA awards in recent years, Jodi Clickers have various accolades to their kitty which only goes to showcase their standing as a premium player in the Wedding Photography and Films market today.
Our couples are our best friends, and we love being a part of their big day. Choosing a photography and film team is also about being on sync with someone who will forever be a part of your biggest day, and will carry your joy and butterflies alongside creating magic with you!
Reach out to us and say hello. With Jodi Clickers, every pixel tells a story!